Ssassa Flamenco Ektaal

Ssassa Flamenco Ektaal

Three well known artists from Spain, India and from Switzerland invite their audiences on an exciting musical trip from Sevilla to Jajpur in Rajasthan in India. “Ektaal” is the name of an indian rhythm in 12/8 mesure. It was brought many centuries ago by Rom to Andalusia, where this base was developed into flamenco rhythms such as Buleria, Alegria and other ones.

The voyage starts in Andalusia, the heart of flamenco. It carries on to Skopje and Istanbul, where flamenco made a strong influence in their local music traditions and it ends in Jajpur in Rajasthan, where the gypsies origin.

Miguel Sotelo is an outstanding flamenco guitarist, singer and composer. Christian Fotschs oud playing reminds on singing, where as Amrat Hussain, one of the world best tabla players, completes the trio on a hight level.

The trio “Flamenco Ektaal” also performs with the dancers Katja Campanile and/or with Jorge San Telmo.

Por Tangos – YouTube

Live Video in HD-quality on Youtube: www.youtube.com/watch

Recorded in 2017 at MIMUSE „daunstärs“ Langenhagen“

Dela Sas Tipe – YouTube

Live Video in HD-quality on Youtube: www.youtube.com/watch

Recorded in 2017: MIMUSE „daunstärs“ Langenhagen“

Ali Mole – YouTube

Live Video in HD-qaulity on Youtubek: www.youtube.com/watch

Recorded in 2017 MIMUSE „daunstärs“ Langenhagen“

Ssassa Flamenco Ektaal


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Ssassa Flamenco

Schulhauskonzerter: Flamenco: von Sevilla bis Jajpur

In addition to the evening concert program, Ssassa also offers concerts in schools. The participatif program is individually adapted to the age of the kids.

  • Bookings all year possible
  • Size of the audience:  max. 80 kids per show
  • Room: min. 80 m²
  • Age of kids: All ages possible, the program is adapted
  • Detailinfos: Internal Link Flamenco
  • Booking, infos: christian@ssassa.ch Tel. +41 56 491 01 20