Intercultural music- and dance-workshops

Sing songs in different languages, crafting instruments, dancing, drumming and getting to know music from different countries for a day or even a week? Under the direction of Christian Fotsch, Ssassa offers this in individually designed workshops adapted to the age: After the one-hour “opening concert”, the children are divided into groups and immerse themselves in an exciting world for a day or a whole week. They sing songs in languages spoken at home of many participating children (albanian, portugese, spanish, english, french, italian, arabe, turkish…. In a brilliant final party with a visit to parents, the children present dances, sing, drumming and catering themselves with treats, which they or their parents have baked and cooked.

Whatch a film on Youtube in HD quality:
Ssassa Interkulturelle Musikprojektwoche – Teil 1: Workshops

Info & booking: Christian Fotsch, 056 491 01 20,

Film: Children in concert afger 1 week training with Ssassa

In summer of 2017, Ssassa organized a large project in Neuenhof AG, in which 800 children took part. They circulated from workshop to workshop during 8 days. With a group of 80 children, Ssassa worked intensively and performed a final concert with them for about 700 visitors. This film by Peshraw Mirza documents the final concert.

Film on Youtube in HD quality:
Ssassa Interkulturelle Musikprojektwoche – Teil 2: Abschlusskonzert

Beschreibung Workshops

Workshop Collage


Christian Fotsch brings his rich experience to music and dance project weeks already in the planning phase. First a selection is to be made of the workshop-offers by Ssassa and by teachers. Christian Fotsch can also give helpful tips and links to cantonal subsidies when it comes to financing.

The children decide in advance which worshop they’d love visiting intensively during the week and with which they will perform a small show at the final concert with parental visit.

Montag Detailplan

Christian Fotsch offers to design the weekly planning using the Excel table. This link takes you to the planning of the project week in Suhr AG. The Excel table also contains the budget.

WS Singen

Singing in the big choir

Children and students learn to sing songs in different languages. The repertoire is based on the CD Schnabelwetzer 3. The songs are composed in such a way, that they can be learned easily. To teach difficult passages of lyrics Christian Fotsch knows all sorts of tricks such as speeking choirs, gestures and educational games. At the latest, when Christian invites individual children to make their first experiences with the microphone, the choir gets going!

Trommeln Ssassa

WS 1: Drumming with Darabukas

Drumming is a wonderful way to dive and be part of something bigger. On instruments such as Darabuka, Def and Shakern, the children learn to listen to each other and play with each other. It is always amazing how quickly they can play rhythmic pieces and songs! Franzsika Heusser and Denis Zekirov regularly discover children in their drum workshops who turn out to be true rhythm talents.

WS 2: Oriental Dance

Assala Ibrahim takes the children into the world of Raks Sharki. They dance to oriental music and learn simple sequences of movements to Arabic-oriental sounds. With silk scarves, veils, colour fans and sticks, she creates a simple, audience-effective choreography, which is performed at the final party to live music by Ssassa.

In Suhr AG, Assala Ibrahim, together with the video animator Silvia Fabiani, developed a choreography on the theme “Caravan”, which can be seen on this YouTube link.

Zeitgenössischer Tanz

WS 3: Contempory Dance

Mirjam Barakar develops with students a contemporary choreography with sequences of movements from the jazz dance repertoire to hip-hop!

In Grüningen ZH Mirjam Barakar, together with the video animator Silvia Fabiani, developed a choreography on the theme “4 elements”, which can be seen on this YouTube link.

Breakdance Buz

WS 4: Breakdance

Buz develops a breakdance choreography with students. This workshop is very popular among students. Basically, any child can register for this WS. However, it is often underestimated what acrobatic elements make this dance art so famous. So if the participants are talented to a certain point it would be of their advantage. Room requirement: no hard ground, a lot of space!
Nadia Saba Hip-Hop

WS 5: Hip-Hop

Nadia Saba develops a hip-hop choreography with students. This workshop is also very popular among suS. Compared to Breakdance it’s more easy, a lot more suitable also for the little ones.

Trommeln Konzert

Final Concert

At the end of the week, all parents and children are invited to the final concert. For more than an hour, the children sing in spanish, albanian, turkish, swiss and other languages, they are drumming to serbian, live-played kolo and they present oriental dances, breakdance and so on. A “finger food buffet” prepared by students and parents with delicacies from many countries is always well received!

Suggestions for complementary workshops by teachers


Painting flags

In addition to the workshops of Ssassa, we recommend to paint flags. They can be used at the final concert when going on stage with all the kids and also they can be used as stage decoration.



The flute “Robifon” was invented by Robi Rüdisühli. With this link you find the manual. The instruments can be used at the final concert. Manual to Robifon