1 Ssassa Assala 1920x1280 Ssassa - intercultural Roma culture is a unique melting pot of miscellaneous ethnic influences. Ssassa brings this opulent mixture to musical life with lustful trompets, melancholic oud and archaic gajda.
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Ssassa Schnabelwetzer 3 1920x1280 - Pressefotos Ssassa gallery Ssassa Schoolshows Ssassa regularly perform in schools with various intercultural interactive programs.
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Orientalisch Tanzen_0257 1920x1280 Workshops in schools Ssassa organizes intercultural music and dance projects for kindergarden, primary and secondary school.
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1 AHE_9583 Gypsy Festival 1920x1280 Gypsy Festival Ssassa is a link at the international Gypsy Festival.
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Ssassa Projektwoche Singen 1920x1280 Projekts in schools Ssassa offers music project weeks with 70 to 800 children.
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1 AHE_8748_Ssassa 1920x1280 Ssassa in concert Ssassa, a large, multifaceted band that also performs with numerous renowned guest musicians and dancers.
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Ssassa is:

  • Rom-music at high musical level, traditional and composed songs in many diferent styles,
  • an important, multifaceted band with famous guest-musicians and dancers,
  • a diversified program: traditional Rom-music, Balkan-pop, flamenco-show…


Ssassa have performed more than 4500 concerts at schools with various intercultural, interactive programs such as: « Schnabelwetzer – 7 songs in 7 languages »,  « Ssassa-Germanofolies », « The road of the Gypsies », « Ssassa Flamenca » plus intensive workshop-weeks with final concerts for parents. Film on Youtube

Concerts & events

The annual highlight concert is the « Oriental & Flamenco Gypsy Festival », produced and led since 2001 by Christian Fotsch.
Ssassa regulary give team building workshops (percussion, dance, singing) for corporate events.