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Ssassa regulary perform in schools playing serveral different interactive, intercultural programs. Kids at all ages experience foreing music, dance and culture in a positive way in participating all the way throug the 60 minute school-concert. of great value are one day or even one week lasting projects with a finale show for the parents, relatives and friends.

Here you find the complete list of  Past school concerts.

Balken 1e

A4 Schnabelwetzer

Ssassa proposes to schools a show for children of all ages. Three musicians and a danser invite the kids to participate in singing, clapping and dancing. They get to know 7 songs in 7 languages.

With over 20 original instruments like gajda, zurna, bouzoukie, flamencoguitar and darabuka Ssassa take their audiences on a journey from Sevilla through Balkan countires to Istanbul and Kairo.

Ssassa intend to obtain a new access for children of foreign origin, to find new pleasure in their cultures of origin. Often emigrated children hide their cultural background, in order to integrate. But they loose an important source, their roots.

Also for native kids the program is of great joy: They participate right from the beginning and they might even learn, that foreign music and dance is exciting.

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The Road of the gypsies

Interactive, intercultural program with songs in those languages:
– albanian
– turkish
– serbo-croatian
– spanish
– arab
– kurdish
– romanes

Workshops at project-days:
– trumming
– dancing (oriental and contempory)
– singing in different languages

Details siehe interner Link

Balken 3e

Sevilla - Jajpur

Four artists from Spain, India and Switzerland invite their audiences on to an exciting journey with flamenco dance and music. The intercultural trip starts in Andalusia, carries on to Skopja and Istanbul – areas where flamenco has a strong influence on their local music – and ends in Rajasthan, the origin of the gypsies.

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Concerts, projectsSsassa offers to do musical workshops in schools. Depending on their age the kids visit workshops such as drumming, dancing, singing, building instruments, as well as doing slam poetry, hip-hop and break-dance. A day’s or much better a weeks intensive work will lead into a fulminant concerts for parants and relatives.

Christian Fotsch offers his support for planing the project.

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School-shows are subsidised in the following Swiss Kantone:
AG: Impulskredit “Kultur macht Schule”
BS: Contact christian (at) or 056 491 01 20
BE: Bildung + Kultur, Kulturgutscheine
GE: Contact christian (at) or 056 491 01 20
SH: Contact christian (at) or 056 491 01 20
SO: sokultur und schule
TG: Kulturamt Thurgau
VD: Contact christian (at) or 056 491 01 20
ZH: schule&kultur

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