Assala Ibrahim

Assala Ibrahim is a solo dancer, choreographer and dance teacher performing all over the world. She grew up with Arabic music and oriental dance. The beauty of her repertoire of movements, her lively expression and a unique stage presence is very inspiring for the audience. Assala Ibrahim, a native of Iraq, has been living and dancing in Switzerland for many years, and has been teaching in Frauenfeld since 2004.

Assala Ibrahim has been performing with Ssassa since 2003, especially at the Oriental & Flamenco Gypsy Festival, where she belogs to the core members of that great touring festival. But she is also fully committed to schoolhouse concerts and project weeks. This video on YouTube shows a wonderful choreography, “Caravan” by Assala Ibrhim, which she developed in just one week with children of a primary school.

And your recipe for success? “I fill my life with dance and my dance fill me with life!”

Youtube Assala Gypsy Festival

Nadia Saba
Nadia Saba Hip-Hop

Nadia Saba

Nadia Saba has often performed with Ssassa at gala events, as well as at schoolhouse concerts, since 2018. Exciting is that Nadia Saba performs as an oriental dancer as well as as a hip hope. In schools she gives inspiring workshops to kids at all ages. Nadia Saba is a qualified oriental dancer and teacher. Since 2003 she enjoyed seven years of the rich experience of the Tunisian Adel Souissi. Since 2014 she regularly attends workshops of the Egyptian Khaled Seif.

Nadia Saba has also been performing with Nicole McLaren’s Whirling Wizards since 2015. Nadia Saba currently gives workshops and performances throughout Switzerland and abroad.

Website of Nadia Saba: www.danceflower.ch

Maryam Ribordy

Maryam Ribordy

When the Iranian dancer Maryam Ribordy saw the Persian film “The Mistress” in the cinema at the age of 16, she was overwhelmed by the grace and sensual femininity of the famous actress Jamileh. She obtained her diploma as a dance teacher and worked with him to develop the passion and richness of oriental dance in its classical and folkloric forms. Maryam has trained with the following internationally renowned teachers: Mo Geddawi (Egypt), Amir Talib (Argentina), Randa Kamel (Egypt), Raqia Hassan (Egypt). She is one of the few dancers in Switzerland who can still live on her dance skills. Maryam Ribordy lives in Fribourg and has been performing with Ssassa for years, especially in the french speaking aera of Switzerland.
Fabienne Bullock

Fabienne Bullock

Fabienne Bullock inspires her audience not only as an oriental dancer, but also with her touching snake performance! The visitors feel transported to the Orient and it becomes quiet in the hall when Fabienne takes to the stage with her snake. A bit of fear or just tension? At the age of 16 she made her first appearance with her Boa Constrictor. After graduating from high school, Fabienne Bullock joined a juggling troupe and learned a lot: stilt running, balloons forming, swallowing fire and much more. The tiger python Shakira, a non-toxic giant snake, is used to being touched and this is absolutely harmless. Children and adults overcome their initial fear, and gradually they dare to accept Fabienne’s invitation to pet the snake. Many react astonished at how dry and pleasant the skin feels. Fabienne can read future in the combination of Snake Dance. As a fire-spearwoman, Fabienne can, if desired, complete the evening.


Mirjam Barakar

Mirjam Barakar

Mirjam Barakar works full-time as a freelance dancer with various companies. On the one hand and realizes her own projects as a soloist or in collaboration with other artists from various fields such as theatre, dance, music and Fine Arts. Mirjam has attracted some international attention with her creations and is increasingly a popular guest at various festivals such as the LiteSide Festival in Amsterdam or the Bellyfusions Festival in Paris. Mirjam Barakar has a special love for Palestine. For more than 10 years she has been involved with people and their culture and travelling the country privately and professionally. Various collaborations have emerged from this, such as the TDC Theater in Gaza City, the Al-Harah Theater in Beit Jalah, the El-Founun Dance Company and the actor Fadi Al-Ghoul of the Safar Theater in Ramallah. Mirjam Barakar has been performing with Ssassa for years. At music projetkweeks in schools, she mainly gives workshops with contemporary dance. She created this exciting chroeography in just one week: 4 elements on YouTube

Ophelia Abd-el-Razik

Nicole McLaren is an internationally active Oriental dancer from Switzerland. She has appeared and performs in various show ensembles; However, she performs mainly as a soloist throughout Switzerland and abroad for example in Egypt, America, Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Serbia, Mexico or South Africa. She regularly conducted courses in Zurich and gives workshops at home and abroad. Nicole has devoted herself intensively to Oriental Dance since 2001. Of all oriental dance techniques, Nicole’s passion is above all the whirling dance. Today Nicole McLaren lives in the USA, so unfortunately she only rarely performs with Ssassa in these days.

Nicole McLaren

Ophelia Abd-el-Razik has been performing with Ssassa for several years. With Egypt origins, she grew up in an oriental environment where music and dance are part of everyday life. Especially at family festivals she experienced the magic of oriental dance, letting go, even as a young child. Based on this rich cultural background, she learned different dance techniques of Rak Sarki, oriental dance with masters like Khaled Seif and many others. Today she teaches sh in Schaffhausen and in her own studio in Beringen. For Ophelia, live performances are a great pleasure, especially for children, who can express their joy most spontaneously.