SSASSA has given more than 3200 concerts since 1995, mainly in Switzerland, Germany, Italy and France, amongst them big festivals like “Oriental & Flamenco Gypsy Festival” in Switzerland. SSASSA appeals to a wide variety of audiences, including people from the countries of origin of the music.

Their vast repertoire covers stirring gypsy music from Turkey, Macedonia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Greece, oriental dance music from Arab countries and also Flamenco. Their hot-blooded music expresses a deep understanding of traditional roots, gained from their numerous research journeys all over the Balkan region. The synthesis of these traditional styles combined with a contemporary approach leads into a musical intercultural “firework”, kept alight by the sounds of saxophone, clarinet, oud and percussion.

SSASSA seduces their audiences visually, not only with brilliant Romany costumes, but also, with the exotic dance of Assala, Ophelia, Mirjam or Maryam. Her movements reflect every rhythmic detail of the percussion solo, the hypnotic dancing being inseparable from the music.

SSASSA play for concert, at parties, for weddings, at festivals and in theaters. Apart from these normal concerts SSASSA play regularly for intercultural occasions like at the “day for the refugees”.

Beside this SSASSA regulary perform in schools with their program “Schnabelwetzer, 7 songs in 7 Languages”.

Ssassa CD Romano Kazani CD Ssassa Romano Kazani

Roma culture is a unique melting pot of miscellaneous ethnic influences. On the CD “Romano Kazani” (literally, melting pot), Ssassa brings this opulent mixture to musical life – with 12 brand new compositions as well as 2 traditional songs, all of them sung in up to 3 different languages. The songs burst from a wide variety of instruments – from lustful trompets to the melancholic oud and the archaic gajda. On this cd, Ssassa invites the listener to wander onto an hour-long intensive soundscape, all to experience the beautifully rich cultural blend that is… Roma.

Ssassa CD Romano Kazani