The Road of the Gypsies

School shows for high school

Four artists of SSASSA invite high school students to take an active part in the successful program “Oriental Gypsy Show”. They will discover a music world with more than 20 original instruments and thrilling rhythms from Cairo to Skopje to Seville: after a concert opener with oriental dance, the audience participates in a polyrhythmicspeaking-choir. After this collective activity, students are easily found to volonteer to play in a percussion orchestra to a Spanish rumba or to try out a bagpipe. In the conversation that Ssassa opens towards the end of the 60 minutes show, they ask many questions about the background, education and personality of in particular the dancer no doubt, she is fascinating. With her unique movements, she’s an important link between oriental culture and western performance, so that the spark skips.

We also offer workshops, project days and project weeks for secondary school.

Contact and info: – 056 491 01 20

Workshops and projects for secondary school:

  • Mirjam Sutter, contempory dance
  • Björn Meier, breakdance
  • Assala Ibrahim, oriental dance
  • Nadia Saba, Hip-Hop
  • Denis Zekirov, percussion
  • Franziska Heusser, percussion
  • Christian Fotsch, choir
Projektwoche Oberstufe Aargau