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The group SSASSA invites you to a fiery “Oriental Gypsy Cocktail” with oriental music from Egypt and Lebanon and lively Gypsy music from the Balkans and Turkey. When the Oriental dancer takes the stage wearing saxophone, clarinet, oud and darabuka, there is no stopping.

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With its diverse repertoire of Roma music from Turkey and the Balkans, the Group SSASSA invites you to a thrilling trip through the fascinating world of the Roma. The fiery and virtuoso interplay of the five musicians from Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey and Switzerland reveals an intensive engagement with traditional and modern music.

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SSASSA is probably one of the most diverse formations on the Swiss music scene, not only in terms of the actual repertoire, but also in terms of its activities. Their performances are true fireworks music of the Roma, Albanian, Greek and Macedonian music, influences of flamenco as well as Turkish, Kurdish, Arabic and Algerian influences celebrate a musical-dance festival that is not uncommon until deep into the night. lasts. SSASSA’s performances at concerts, parties, festivals and small theatres, as well as at intercultural events, refugee day or asylum festivals have helped the group to achieve national and international prestige.

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SSASSA’s almost inexhaustible repertoire includes rousing music from the Roma from Turkey, all parts of the former Yugoslavia, Greece, Turkey and music from Arab countries. Their fiery music clearly expresses the direct connection to these cultures, which they have acquired on many journeys to the most remote corners of Europe and Turkey. The connoisseur does not miss the fact that the musicians not only deal with the old, traditional music, but also absorb ideas from modern music. The synthesis of virtuoso, traditional music from the Orient and Western European culture of life leads with SSASSA to a musical-intercultural fireworks, carried by saxophone, clarinet, vocals, percussion and oud. Not only acoustically, but also visually, SSASSA takes its audience into a fantastic world of oriental Roma: when the dancer (name of the dancer) enters the stage, there is no stopping. In the dance, every rhythmic subtlety of the percussion solo is reflected in its movements, while in the oud solo it seems to be carried by wings. Her swirling body merges with the music into a single hurricane.