Since 2014, Ssassa has performed around 30 performances a year with the program “Ssassa Germanofolies”, mostly organized by the association “Germanofolies”. The program can also be booked directly with Christian Fotsch. Our goal is to encourage the kids to learn the foreign language German in singing great songs a contribution to cross the bridge called “Röschtigrabe”.

The German-speaking songs are deliberately composed using ethnic style elements. In the song “Her with it !”, Serbian elements can be recognized, so that song appeals strongly to kids from that region. In the “Spiegel Song” an Irish reel was integrated at the end, in “Ka-trau-kaa” Indian elements can be heard, and the intro to “Sonst noch was” is played with flamenco guitars. The idea is to emotionally address children with a migrant background and thus optimize their learning base.

Beside German-language songs, Ssassa also plays three songs in other languages: Turkish, Portuguese and Albanian.
Infos and booking: Christian Fotsch, 076 319 00 18 – christian(at)


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The CD “Germanofolies” is related to the annual school-show tour of the group Ssassa in Swiss-Romandie. For these Ssassa tours, bandleader Christian Fotsch composed twelve new songs for which he, Sabine Haupt and Beatrice Kümin wrote the lyrics. “Germanofolies” this is the slightly different way to learn German: with fun and a little shot of madness. Accordingly, the songs tell of the surreal adventures of the everyday life of the student, of strange events, comic coincidences and ideas, of laziness and of the madness of the adults…
But also more serious topics are treated, e.g. the puberty troubles with one’s own identity, is part of the concept of the CD makers, who encourage children and young people to look at their world with awake eyes. Word jokes and puns, excursions into Swiss German, question and answer games as well as catchy choruses allow a playful learning of the German language. The vocabulary of the CD largely refers to the basic vocabulary of the teaching medium “Der Grüne Max” by Klett-Langenscheidt. The songs contain musical stylistic elements from a number of cultures: Serbian colo-rhythms are part of the repertoire as well as flamenco guitar or North Indian harmonium and Irish tin whistle.
The intercultural orientation of the CD should also facilitate access to German lessons for children with a migrant background. When the foreign language is conveyed with familiar musical sounds, learning is just twice as much fun!
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