SSASSA – Germanofolies (2016)


Germanofolies – this CD offers a new approach to learn the German language: Easy lyrics based on a shortened vocabulary go along with catchy meoldies. Parts of the songs are repeates, so the lyrics can be learned without forcing but simply by listening and repeating.


Germanofolies this is a smart way to learn German: with fun and a little shot of madness. The songs tell of the surreal adventures of the everyday life of the student, of strange events, comic coincidences and ideas, of laziness and of the madness of the adults… Beside also more serious topics are part of the concept of this CD, such as the puberty troubles with one’s own identity. Word jokes and puns, excursions into Swiss German, question and answer games (pre- and post-singing) as well as musically catchy repetitions in choruses allow a playful learning of the German language. The vocabulary of the CD largely refers to a basic vocabulary. The songs contain musical stylistic elements from a number of cultures: Serbian colo-rhythms are part of the repertoire as well as flamenco guitar or North Indian harmonium and Irish tin whistle. The intercultural orientation of the CD should also facilitate access to German lessons for children with a migrant background. When the foreign language is conveyed with familiar musical sounds, learning is just twice as much fun!

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