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Ssassa-Event “Le Théâtre” Emmen


The SSASSA event at Le Théâtre Emmen offers unique encounters with the charismatic, internationally acclaimed artist: Gypsy songs with “SSASSA”, passionate flamenco with Vicente Cortes and Katja Campanile, as well as star singer Orhan Ajvazovicand the gifted trumpet player Denis Zekirov. In the finale, the oriental dancer Nadia Saba translates the music of all the artists into captivatingly sensual dance movements and she and the other dancers will cause a sensation! In addition, the world-renowned magician Magree will provide unforgettable entertainment.

Based on previous festival experiences, a dramaturgically mature arc will be spanned: Beginning with shorter performances by the respective groups, the interplay increases through individual fusions to the grand finale with all participating artists: a festival full of joie de vivre and intensity for musicians and audience alike.

The well-known musical singer Irène Straub and her stage colleague Kevin Thiel contribute current songs from Le Théâtre productions. In the grand finale, all cultural genres merge into an impressive ensemble.
Tickets: 69 | 59 | 49
children till 16 years 30%

Start: 19:30

Ssassa am Gypsy Festival

Ssassa am Gypsy Festiva

Gypsyfestival 2016 Ssassa AHE_9134

Gypsyfestival 2016 Ssassa AHE_9134



1. September 2023 20:00 - 22:15(GMT-11:00)


Le Théâtre Emmen

Rüeggisingerstrasse 20a, 6020 Emmen

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